It does get better….

about 30 minutes after my rant, my wonderful husband gave me really big hugs. Lots of them.

No, it doesn’t make everything better. And no, it doesn’t mean that reintegrating is going to just be a breeze from here on out, but it does mean that we both understand that it will take adjusting. (Not just me – whew!)

Reality is, we will still have arguments and silly fights along the way. We will be back into the push-pull of our relationship. Our “defined” roles from before his deployment are no longer the “defined” roles because things have changed while he was away – I *did* do everything at home – to include starting a Master’s program, Zumba and continuing my hobby of scrapbooking.

I started new things to fill in the time I had to fill. I can’t just stop those things just because he came home. Life does goes on, even when they are away – and it is hard for them when they return. As well as for the rest of the family. But I really cannot stop a Masters class in the middle of the class. Unless he wants to pay the $1400 for me to not even pass. (Which I doubt he really does)

It is just going to be an interesting adjustment period.

And I have the Xanax in hand, just in case. 🙂


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