Why the baby isn’t allowed to do dishes…

The baby (9 years old, BTW) takes dishwashing soap. She puts said dishwashing soap into the dishwasher.








Hear screaming from the kitchen. Bubbles are coming out from the dishwasher. Can’t get the camera faster than Mr. “O” can start trying to get the bubbles out of the dishwasher.

Mr. “O” wants to know why the dishwasher was even started since it wasn’t anywhere near full. Baby says she was just trying to clean for daddy. I almost cried, I was laughing so hard at this point.






Mr. “O” keeps trying to get the bubbles out of the dishwasher…. I put the camera down long enough to grab some suds and blow them in his face and have a bubble suds fight….





And this is why the baby doesn’t do the dishes. She might put dishes into the dishwasher and she might get to put them away – but she doesn’t ever, ever, EVER turn it on. Thank goodness he didn’t have her start a load of laundry.


At least I can never say its boring around here!!!!!








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