Summer lovin’ ~ ~ ~

Having a blast!!!!!

Saturday night we went to the “dueling piano’s” show on post – it was actually pretty good. Much better than I expected it to be and the turnout was much more than we expected as well. Overall it was a great time.

After that, me and the hubby went and met some friends for some drinks across the street from where we live. It was really low-key and I even got to hear the music (well some of it) that I played on the jukebox, which always makes me a happy, happy girl!

Then Sunday morning came. It kinda hurt to get up (drinks) but I had to get to the store to get my coupons before they were all gone! I am so happy that I did, cause just 2 hours later when we went back to the store, all of the major city newspapers were gone (with all the BEST variety of coupons).

So, I clipped and sorted and packaged the ones I won’t use to mail to my cousin who does coupon swaps. In the process of doing this, Mr. “O” comes in, kisses me and says “it’s time to go!”

Not knowing what he meant, I just kinda looked confused.

I guess he was ready to take the boat out on the lake, cause while I was clipping coupons, he had hooked the trailer up to the truck, loaded up an ice chest full of drinks and snacks, had the girls already changed into their bathing suits with sunscreen ALREADY on.

How I missed all of this activity around me, I don’t know. Coupons must be pretty sexy.

At least I didn’t have to deal with any of the prep work. I just changed into my bathing suit and boat clothes, jumped in the truck and went along for the ride! Woot! Best boat day EVER!


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