By Tuesday  I already had my orders in hand and by Wednesday I already had a welcome email and links to places to stay for an extended period while I find a more permenant residence.

Wow. It has NEVER been that fast in the Army. Ever.

I already have the transportation dates set to come pack up all our stuff. Even the stuff in storage at our last duty station.

I cannot even describe to you how excited I am about this promotion, or what it means for my family’s future – or how it validates my choice to go back to school and get that degree – even if it meant working 5-6 nights a week and hardly getting any sleep. Ever. (Plus having to put up with the BS that goes on in a bar…)

Nor can I tell you the sadness I feel about how it affects my family in the present. Again, we will be separated. But this time, we will be the ones leaving, not Mr. “O”. It is going to be odd.

But then I try to think about having my chaise lounge sofa back and I get all happy again. (of course I am still sad about having to live away from my husband. But it is what it is – it is the choice we made and sitting and wallowing in self pity and sadness isnt’t going to change the fact that what is done is done. We made the best choice we could with the information we have for our family and we need to follow through with it, without all the waterworks.)


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