Vacation in Wisconsin


Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Here are some photos from our Wisconsin vacation….

The kids and cousins on a nature walk….












As soon as I get the rest of the photos uploaded to the computer, I will add some more…..

We had a great time, even though Wisconsin was freezing while we were there. It may not look like it… but this N’Awlins girl was wearing a hoodie the entire time we were there!


Sorry for the interruption….

I know I have been gone for a while, but its been a whirlwind of activity!

There was the vacation to Wisconsin to visit Mr. O’s family… there was the camping trip because we simply can NOT pass up camping in 100+ degree weather… and there has been the getting ready for the move for my new job!!!!!!

I accepted the position in Phoenix, with a report date of August 6th… so, we have been figuring out how and when we are all going to see each other as well as lookingfor places to live online – which is not as easy as it would seem!

But, everything else is good – money goals are being met and reintegrating is awesome! 


I will be back to post some vacation pictures soon!

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