$408 to Discover…

Take that! Karate Chop! Just need $400 more to cross it off the “financial goal” list for the month of June!

I like having monthly financial goal lists! For some reason, it really motivates me to actually ACCOMPLISH the goal!

I should probably post our Monthly Financial goals. I think I shall do that in a little bit!



June Savings Goals…


We have reached our June savings goal of $800.

Now onto realizing the June Debt Repayment goal of $800. Look out Discover! Here we come!!!!!

Star: “hey hey hey! Goodbye!”

After speaking with Mr. “O” yesterday and telling him the glorious news that we surpassed our $1700 Star goal by $10 – he said to me:

“I am going to go online today and just pay the rest of it off.” (Mr. “O” had an account that is just for him – because of the complexities of accounting while he is deployed (i.e. – I will have no idea when he is spending money or how much he is spending until I see it on the bank statement) it just makes sense for him to have his own “spending” account that I don’t have to deal with on this side of the world.)

I guess he hasn’t been spending too much money over these past few months, 🙂

In anycase, now we went from not only reaching the goal, but surpassing it by $10 to having it PAID OFF!


Next on the list? Discover. Oh Discover.

Current Balance: $4,309

Star Card balance below $1700!!!

So excited that I had to share!

Two of our most “pressing” financial goals this month were to save $750 and get the Star card balance to $1700.

Well, I already announced that the savings goal was met.

Now I can announce that not only did we meet our Star card reduction goal – but we surpassed it!

Balance is now sitting at $1690!

I know, I know – we only surpassed it by ten bucks. But surpassing is surpassing, no matter what the number!

I also took J Money’s savings challenge this week – which means we also surpassed our savings goal by $50 – making the total $800 for the month! Woot!

I really want to squeeze some more money out of this budget of ours to get that Star card balance down to $1600 by the end of the month. I don’t know realistically that is going to happen. But I can certainly aim for it and even if I don’t get it to $1600 – every extra dollar will still be more than the goal!

Creditors really do track your spending habits!

I was sitting at work today, minding my own business, when my cell phone rang.

“Maybe its someone calling me for an interview for one of the thousands of jobs* I applied for!” I thought to myself as I answered.

Nope. It seems that the Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation has “pre-approved” me for a new car loan!

I will admit that I have not been one to keep cars for very long. 3 years is about my turn-around time. i know, all that money wasted. But, the past is the past and no sense rehashing all of that.

What’s funny about this is that my car just turned three last month. Yep. I am past due on trading it in and getting a new one, so the dealership calls me to let me know that I am pre-approved!

Just goes to show – those pesky financial companies ARE keeping track of not only how much money you owe them or what you buy – but how OFTEN you buy. AKA – your spending habits.

I told the poor guy on the phone that the dealership did such a good job last time getting me into this car, that I don’t think I ever want to get out of it! (I REALLY love my car and all of its awesomeness – seriously. I really do think I will keep this one until it truly dies on me – or when keeping it alive will end up costing more than a new-to-me car – oh, who am I kidding? – a new car that I can pay CASH for!)

Not only that, but buying a new car doesn’t fit into the “we are getting ready to retire from the Army and have other financial goals we need to met before that happens” plan.

*I may be exaggerating a little bit about the NUMBER of jobs to which I have applied. But you get the idea. I have applied to a lot!

Star card is going down!

One of my goals for this month was to get our (HIS) military star card balance down from $2490 to $1700.

I am happy to say that as of today, the balance is at $2090.

Only $390 more dollars to go this month to reach my target! Even more exciting? It looks like we are going to be able to make it!

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