$408 to Discover…

Take that! Karate Chop! Just need $400 more to cross it off the “financial goal” list for the month of June!

I like having monthly financial goal lists! For some reason, it really motivates me to actually ACCOMPLISH the goal!

I should probably post our Monthly Financial goals. I think I shall do that in a little bit!



June Savings Goals…


We have reached our June savings goal of $800.

Now onto realizing the June Debt Repayment goal of $800. Look out Discover! Here we come!!!!!

New Job?

Well – it happened!

That interview I had last week? I was offered the job today!

I haven’t accepted it – yet. And now I don’t know if I will.

It’s complicated – but part of the reasoning is although they will pay me what I want, they won’t pay to move me. Moving ourselves is going to be costly. We are working to get OUT of debt, not deeper into it.

Plus, there is the emotional stuff of hubby just getting back, yadda yadda yadda.

I pray that at the end of the day we make the best decision for our family.

Did I mention I had another interview today for a different job, still have an interview Friday for yet another position and just had another position I applied to have the status changed from “applied” to “interview” – which means I would need yet another interview?

Why is it a year ago I couldn’t seem to get an interview to save my life, but just a year later, 4 out of the 5 jobs I have applied to want to interview me and at LEAST one of them (so far) wants to hire me?


It shouldn’t be such a tough decision. But it is.

Really. I do. I used to not mind it so much – but now that I have to walk down three flights of stairs and pay $1.50 to wash a load and who knows how much it ends up being to dry a load, I really hate laundry.

Especially since MY washer and dryer (the ones we *own*) are sitting RIGHT THERE in the storage closet. But, alas, this apartment doesn’t have washer/dryer hookups. So its either three flights of stairs or the laundrymat.

Thankfully, although there are only two washers and ONE dryer (What sense that makes, I don’t know), there never seems to be a line for laundry. I pretty much just get to do my laundry whenever I feel like it – which is pretty nice. I would hate to have to take other people’s clothes out of the machines because they were interrupting my method.

But today I hate it even more, because I feel like I am washing EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE. For instance, since it was only me taking showers in our bathroom, let’s face it, I kept using the same two towels over and over. Wash, use, use, use, wash, use, use, use, wash… (yes, I use a towel three times before I decide it is “dirty” Blah) BUT! Because of that – none of the other towels got washed in the last 7 months. That won’t do! I want my hubby to have freshly clean, bounty-ful towels to dry off with when he comes home after not being able to shower for the last four days of travel!

So – here I am, washing EVERY. SINGLE. TOWEL.

Not to mention all the regular washing and the linens – (Oh yeah – washing EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THOSE. TOO. because hopefully I will get to change them much more often with these upcoming weeks! TMI- I know, but I don’t care!)

I have spent $20.00 washing and drying so far today. Urgh. I estimate it is going to take about $30-$35 when it is all said and done.

The one good thing about doing all this washing, though? It is keeping me busy instead of just pacing back and forth waiting for the call telling me, “Where are you? Come get me! I’m at the airport!”

The second bane of my exsistance….

The first bane of exsistance is laundry – but that is an entire post just for itself. This one is about Toliet-Paper – the always needed no-matter-what-the-price.

Worse thing in the world? Realizing that you are OUT of toliet paper when you *REALLY* need some. Even worse? You are the only one in the house old enough to drive to the store to get some toliet paper and *you* are the one who needs it.

This hasn’t happened to me *recently* – but it has happened. Gross. No more details needed.

So – as part of my stockpile, I am ensuring that we are NEVER going to run out of toliet paper. Sales + coupons = savings on something that I am going to buy, that you are going to buy, that most normal, sane people in the western world are going to buy. And buy on a regular basis.

By not shopping sales+coupons=savings for toliet paper, you really should just use those dollar bills to wipe your butt. Because this isn’t a “maybe I will never buy or use item” nor is it a “it’s not organic and that’s all I eat” item. It is a STAPLE item that EVERYONE uses.

At least, I really really hope they do.

Do you stockpile toliet paper? How much toliet paper is TOO much toliet paper? Can there ever be such a thing as TOO much toliet paper with a house full of girls who use a roll every time they enter the bathroom – even if it is just to brush their teeth?

Just getting my nifty list together….

Got the grocers sales ads from the paper today! Went through them a few times and decided that the one or two items I would like to get from the other “secondary” stores aren’t at a price worth it for me to drive there.

So Dillons, here I come with my money and my coupons again! YaY!

My list isn’t really long, but only 2 items don’t have coupons to go with them – yet. I am thinking about looking online to see if there are some printables that I can take with me.

Good thing the list isn’t really that long – I am running out of grocery money in the budget! I am going to have to rethink my “stockpile” amount strategy when it comes to the budget.

And, in other news, Mr. “O” could be home as soon as…… Thursday!!!!!! Could. Not going to expect that, though. But yeah. I have the kids cleaning like no one’s business. While I sit here and blog, make grocery lists, work on finishing this silly paper of mine that is about “how to motivate the workforce”… haha! Just tell them daddy is coming home and if the house isn’t clean he is going to spaz out! Works everytime! Paper done! 🙂

Star: “hey hey hey! Goodbye!”

After speaking with Mr. “O” yesterday and telling him the glorious news that we surpassed our $1700 Star goal by $10 – he said to me:

“I am going to go online today and just pay the rest of it off.” (Mr. “O” had an account that is just for him – because of the complexities of accounting while he is deployed (i.e. – I will have no idea when he is spending money or how much he is spending until I see it on the bank statement) it just makes sense for him to have his own “spending” account that I don’t have to deal with on this side of the world.)

I guess he hasn’t been spending too much money over these past few months, 🙂

In anycase, now we went from not only reaching the goal, but surpassing it by $10 to having it PAID OFF!


Next on the list? Discover. Oh Discover.

Current Balance: $4,309

Star Card balance below $1700!!!

So excited that I had to share!

Two of our most “pressing” financial goals this month were to save $750 and get the Star card balance to $1700.

Well, I already announced that the savings goal was met.

Now I can announce that not only did we meet our Star card reduction goal – but we surpassed it!

Balance is now sitting at $1690!

I know, I know – we only surpassed it by ten bucks. But surpassing is surpassing, no matter what the number!

I also took J Money’s savings challenge this week – which means we also surpassed our savings goal by $50 – making the total $800 for the month! Woot!

I really want to squeeze some more money out of this budget of ours to get that Star card balance down to $1600 by the end of the month. I don’t know realistically that is going to happen. But I can certainly aim for it and even if I don’t get it to $1600 – every extra dollar will still be more than the goal!

Creditors really do track your spending habits!

I was sitting at work today, minding my own business, when my cell phone rang.

“Maybe its someone calling me for an interview for one of the thousands of jobs* I applied for!” I thought to myself as I answered.

Nope. It seems that the Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation has “pre-approved” me for a new car loan!

I will admit that I have not been one to keep cars for very long. 3 years is about my turn-around time. i know, all that money wasted. But, the past is the past and no sense rehashing all of that.

What’s funny about this is that my car just turned three last month. Yep. I am past due on trading it in and getting a new one, so the dealership calls me to let me know that I am pre-approved!

Just goes to show – those pesky financial companies ARE keeping track of not only how much money you owe them or what you buy – but how OFTEN you buy. AKA – your spending habits.

I told the poor guy on the phone that the dealership did such a good job last time getting me into this car, that I don’t think I ever want to get out of it! (I REALLY love my car and all of its awesomeness – seriously. I really do think I will keep this one until it truly dies on me – or when keeping it alive will end up costing more than a new-to-me car – oh, who am I kidding? – a new car that I can pay CASH for!)

Not only that, but buying a new car doesn’t fit into the “we are getting ready to retire from the Army and have other financial goals we need to met before that happens” plan.

*I may be exaggerating a little bit about the NUMBER of jobs to which I have applied. But you get the idea. I have applied to a lot!

Monthly Savings Goal

Mr. “O” and I had decided on a monthly savings goal last month when we had our “sit down over Skype financial” meeting. It’s not that we hadn’t been paying attention to our finances, its just that it seemed that we should be more control of them than we were.

Of course, I want to get rid of the debt as fast as possible. He wants to get rid of the debt, but save money at the same time. We came to a (compromised) agreement on $750 extra a month to debt and $750 to savings.

I am proud to say that as of today, we have reached our monthly savings goal!

(Sure, I would rather have our next debt lowered by another $750 dollars – but I understand that compromise is essential in any relationship and that I have to take into account his feelings and security gland concerns as well. Otherwise, what’s the point?)

Anyway! $750 saved! Woot! It feels good to get one of those goals for the month crossed off the list!

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